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Mores / Feb 18, 2016 / Announcements
As you may have noticed if you've been attending our raids, the attendance has fallen off dramatically recently. I have no doubt that many of you have stopped raiding due to the lack of new content and the fact that you've nearly completed a full set of the best gear you can get. I don't blame you if that's indeed what you've chosen to do. However, the raid group cannot survive when the majority of its members are not regularly attending the raids.

We've gone through tough spells in the past and have always made it through, but this time is different. We will likely not see any new content for another 6 months. They haven't even announced when the next tier of operations will come out. My best guess is August at this point. That means we're faced with a 6 month grind on content that many of us did when it was originally launched. I can see how people would not be enthusiastic about that prospect.

We've been trying to recruit. Every single raid we've brought in PUGs, we've tried to recruit them. Some have joined only to not show up for another raid or to simply stop logging in altogether within a short period. I warned people months ago that we needed to recruit to keep the guild together. I can no longer devote the time it takes to do it on my own.

All that being said, I think it's time to suspend our main 16-man operations group for the time being. It really does sadden me to see this time come. I founded this guild when the game launched as a part of the pre-launch guild program. I've been there through every tier of raiding and I have enjoyed every minute of the time I had to spend with you guys.

On a personal note, it is a strange feeling. The last several years of my life has seen a lot of change, but the one thing that had remained constant was this guild and the Tuesday and Wednesday fun with you guys. I will miss it.

Who knows, maybe we'll all get back together when they bring out the next tier. Until that time, feel free to message me on this website, in in-game mail, or by sending email to (web at I will definitely be around to see the new story content and will perhaps even be leveling a toon here and there. If you'd like to connect on facebook, contact me.

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We shall see. This is a crazy huge change and it's all from data mining. The real pain in the ass part is going to be if they force us to change our guild name again.

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